Blogging Live from Walt Disney World

Thanks to modern technology, I’ll be able to blog live from Disney on my upcoming trip August 6-12th. Disney offers Internet connections for a small price at their resort hotels ($10.00 per day).
But even if I wasn’t taking my laptop on the trip, I would be able to blog and post from my Blackberry. I might just try both! It will be fun to try blogging while waiting in line for Space Mountain or waiting for the Main Street parade to begin.
A couple years ago I received a great tip about taking a power strip to Disney. At first I thought it would be odd taking something that I use to plug in all my electronics at home. But I took it along and realized it was worth its weight in gold! With 4 people all having cell phones, they all need to be charged at night. Add to that the laptop and MP3 players! I recently received an IPod ITouch. I’m taking that to play a movie on the plane. And of course, maybe I’ll listen to a few Disney podcasts too. But that too needs to be charged.
All these gadgets need to be charged every day. Finding enough outlets in a hotel room for these pieces of modern technology (that we can’t seem to live without) is impossible.
So now, on the top of my packing list is the power strip – the lifeline to all our electronics!


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