Florida’s Heat and Humidity

The heat and humidity levels in Florida in the summer make wearing the same outfit all day almost impossible. Many of our trips occur over the summer so I believe we now have surviving the heat down to a science.
Start your day as early as you can. Even though you were up late watching fireworks and SpectroMagic, it’s best to get your day started as early as you can.
Parks open at 9 a.m. and for Disney Resort guests, one park each day opens at 8 a.m. While I always try to make that 8 a.m. park, I never do. So I shoot for 9 a.m.
It’s cooler in the morning. Not by much, but it is. We usually get in as much as we can before lunch and then after lunch, when the heat is the worst of the day, we head back to the pool.
Disney resort pools are as warm as a bath tub in the summer but at least it’s wet! After an hour or two of chillin‘ by the pool, we get ready to head back to the parks. But that means wearing a different outfit from the morning due to heat and humidity. And no, I don’t pack 14 outfits for my 7 day trip. Usually halfway through the trip, I do a load or two of laundry at the resort. I get it done during an afternoon pool break and that’s the only “work” I do on vacation.
The coin-operated laundry facilities at each resort are clean and efficient. But they’re pricey. However, I think they’re comparable to local laundromat prices (learned that the other day when my dryer broke down!). It’s a bit of a pain to do laundry on vacation but it makes packing easier, especially when you’re telling teenage girls they can only have one suitcase! The $25 the airline charges for an additional suitcase, will go a lot further in the gift shops!


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