First Day Tradition

I always try to take an early morning flight when going to Disney World. Of course, when I arrive at the resort before noon, our room is not usually ready. But that’s not a problem. Bell services at the resort is happy to take my luggage until my room is ready. The front desk prepares our park tickets which will later also serve as our room key, and we’re on our way to enjoy the parks till our room is ready for check in.
We don’t usually map out exactly what we’re doing on certain days but the first day, somehow we’ve created this tradition.
It always begins in the Magic Kingdom. For some reason, to my kids, it’s just not real until we see the Castle. Walking down Main Street with ear-to-ear smiles on their faces, they head right to Splash Mountain. Somehow, that has become our “first ride tradition.” If that line is long, we get a fast-pass and head right to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The line usually moves fast and it’s inside and air conditioned! By the time we get finished with that ride, it’s time for our Splash Mountain fast-pass return. Then we ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, because it’s right there.
And after that we move throughout the park with no particular plan in place.
Ironically, on our last day in the park before returning home, the tradition tends to repeat itself.


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