The countdown begins

We always countdown days to our Disney vacation, usually starting at 99. We used to have a small dry erase board on the refrigerator and someone (usually my youngest daughter, Kristen) would change the number of days every day and sometimes she’d even add a little Disney art.
This year, we’ve all been so busy, we never officially started counting down. Though we don’t have it written down, the countdown still goes on in every one’s head.
Kristen recently said to me, “Mom, do you know we leave for Disney in 25 days?”
And Kelly, who recently graduated, is working, and preparing for her first year of college, also noticed how close it’s getting.
“Mom, I’m so busy I’ve hardly had time to think about Disney and it’s coming up fast.”
These last few weeks is when we map out all the little details of our vacation. Although most things aren’t written in stone, there are some things that have to be. The visit to the water parks can’t be on the weekend because the locals are there then, adding to the crowds. Friday nights are a good time to take advantage of the Magic Kingdom because many people travel on the weekends and it’s less crowded.
This trip we’re plotting a horse-drawn carriage ride for our daughters from the Port Orleans Riverside resort. They don’t know we’ve planned this so we have to figure out how we’ll get them over there without raising suspicion. Those reservations are written in stone and can only be changed if there’s inclement weather.
The clubs at Pleasure Island are closing in September and we’ve never made it to the club 8-Trax that we always said we wanted to go to. Now we have to figure out how to squeeze that in.
The girls want to ride Surrey Bikes at the resort while we’re there. This is something we didn’t get around to on the last two vacations to Disney so we figure we’d better make sure it happens this time. The last time we rode surrey bikes, the girls were 7 and 11 and could barely pedal the 4-person vehicle. My husband and I were in the front and did most of the pedaling! This time they’re 17 and 15, and they want the front seats. Maybe now they can pedal us around!
It’s said that planning a trip is half the fun. I agree. And when you’re just weeks away and vacation seems within reach, it’s fun to plan all the little details.


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