Changes at Pleasure Island

Disney recently announced that it will close 6 clubs at Pleasure Island September 28th as a part of changes it will be making to the Downtown Disney area. The changes are being made in an effort to make the Downtown Disney area more family friendly, according to published reports. Disney plans to add more restaurants and stores to that area.
While I always liked the idea of the clubs such as 8-trax, the Adventurer’s Club, Comedy Warehouse, Motion and Mannequins Dance Palace and Bet Sound Stage Club, I never managed to go to them in all my trips to Disney!
We always went to Downtown Disney but when you’re vacationing with children the dance clubs aren’t high on the priority list. And even on our Disneymoon, we never made it to the clubs. Probably because we were so tired from spending long days in the parks, there was no time or energy left for dance clubs.
I agree that there are more restaurants needed in Downtown Disney. Aside from Captain Jack’s and Fulton’s Crab House, there’s not much else to choose from unless it’s counter service you are looking for. Even though counter service in Disney is quite different from “fast food” we get here at home, sometimes you just want a sit down restaurant.
Adding more shops is probably a good idea too. The Disney Store in Downtown Disney is always very crowded. And who wouldn’t like another specialty store or two?
Still, I feel compelled to make it to at least one or two Pleasure Island clubs on my trip next month just to check them out and see what I was or wasn’t missing.


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