I probably shouldn’t compare…but I do

I’ve noticed that when I travel to places other than Disney, I compare the hotels to the Disney resorts. Now, my husband said it’s not a fair comparison, but I’m only comparing the rooms, not amenities. On a recent trip to a well-known chain hotel, we got our room key and as soon as we walked into our room my first thought was: this room is smaller than any rooms I’ve stayed at in Disney (even at a value resort!). Then there was the issue of drawer space in the dresser (or lack of).
While the bed had lots of pillows, it would seem the mattress had seen firmer days. It also appeared that the air conditioning didn’t work but after a visit to the front desk, I found out that we must insert our room key into this digital thermostat and then it would go on. That meant, when we weren’t in the room, the air conditioning wasn’t on. This resulted in returning to a very stuffy room. And even then, we never managed to get the room to a comfortable temperature.
On the morning of checkout, I reminded my family to check around the room again for anything they may have left behind. This isn’t Disney, they’re not going to ship home my forgotten items free of charge! Nor will they give me a courtesy call to let me know what I left behind and that it will arrive shortly in the mail.
It’s difficult staying in other hotels because even though I shouldn’t compare them, I do.


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