July 4th in Disney

Disney has fireworks every night of the year but they step it up a couple notches when it’s the Fourth of July. If you’re planning to be there on the Fourth, just be prepared for crowds in the Magic Kingdom that usually push attendance to it’s capacity. It’s very common that you cannot enter the park by noon July 4th because Disney does close entrance to the park when it reaches capacity.
In July 2001 we were in Disney with the Boyertown Alumni Band. The marching unit was performing in the 3 p.m. parade in the Magic Kingdom. We were told to get into the park before 10:30 a.m. And we did. The weather was extremely hot with temperatures reaching 99 degrees. You’ll also need to line up for that 3 p.m. parade extra early. When we were there, people began claiming their spots along Main Street 2 hours before the parade was scheduled.
In addition to the Alumni Band performance, an exceptional fireworks show that night was also well worth the wait.
Adding to the Disney fireworks shows is the night time lights parade called Spectromagic.

I’ve mentioned this parade in previous blogs but it’s worth repeating. The lights in the Magic Kingdom are dimmed and then this parade – dripping in lights – spills out into the streets.

In true Disney fashion, they wow guests with this awesome parade. It’s usually not scheduled every night so you’ll have to check a park schedule to see when it’s scheduled during your visit.
Some nights there are two performances of the parade, one just after the Wishes Fireworks and another around 11:30 p.m.


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