A Disney Princess in training

Disney makes it easy to take babies on vacation. Although I never took my daughters when they were that young, I find myself looking at my 4-month-old granddaughter wondering when we’ll take her. My family speculates that I will have her there before she’s 2. She already has a Disney wardrobe and a plethora of Disney items around our house to look at. She hears Disney all the time since it’s the name of our black lab. She received her first set of mouse ears on one of her first visits to the Disney Store. And everyone in our house has speculated on how cute it will be to see her reaction to Disney World for the first time.
I haven’t quite figured out how 6 of us will stay in Disney. It would have to be a suite, villa or vacation club resort in order to accommodate all of us. Having a small kitchen with a refrigerator and a microwave would definitely be helpful with a little one. And you definitely need a resort that’s close to the parks so it’s convenient to go back for her nap.
Then there are all the things we don’t do in Disney now because the girls are 15, 17 and 23. Now we’ll have to include Toontown, the Bippidy Bobbidy Boutique, more time in Fantasyland, character meet and greets and autographs!
But accommodating families with babies is something Disney does well.
Baby stations are located in all four theme parks. They have a breastfeeding room, rocking chairs, high chairs, and smaller bathrooms for those little ones. If you don’t bring your own stroller, you can rent one in any of the parks. The strollers are convenient so that children as old as 6 can sit in them when their little legs get tired.
When you wait in line for a ride it’s usually in a building that is air conditioned. Many of the buses are handicap accessible so if you have a sleeping infant in a stroller, you don’t have to disturb them to fold up the stroller for the bus ride. Disney transportation system is very efficient so if you need to get back to your resort quickly, you can.
So although the jury is still out on when our little Princess Arianna will make her Disney Debut, I know when we arrive, they’ll be ready for us!

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