Airline changes for summer travel

If you’ve already purchased airline tickets for your Disney vacation you might be relatively unaffected by the most recent changes some airlines made because of rising fuel costs.
American Airlines and US Airways just made changes that include a $15 charge for the first checked bag. United had already made the change. Previously, US Air allowed one bag per passenger and charged an additional $25 for an extra bag. US Airways passengers have until July 9th to purchase tickets without enduring the charge.
And if you think you might get thirsty on your US Airways flight, you’d better have some cash on hand.
The airline will no longer have complimentary drinks on its flights. Sodas are $2 and acoholic beverages are $7.
Finding deals on flight may also be harder now. And they can be found but most likely you will have to fly on the less than desirable flights. Those are the ones where you fly out later in the evening and have a return flight scheduled for the inconvenient time of 6:30 or 7 a.m.
Remember when booking your return home flight if using Disney’s Magical Express, that the service will transport you from your resort to the airport approximately 3 hours before your scheduled flight time. This means if you schedule that 7 a.m. return flight, you’ll be catching your Magical Express bus around 4 a.m.!
I try to book my flight to Orlando early in the morning and my return trip home in the evening giving me extra time in the parks on my arrival and departure day. But there’s a price to pay for that too. I either have to get up at 3 a.m. for the airport and then I’m tired by mid-afternoon or I pay to stay in a hotel near the airport the night before and get a couple extra hours of sleep. I usually choose the latter. Despite the additional cost, I have to pay to park my car for the week anyway.

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