It’s A Small World

It’s definitely a small world after all and I’m not just talking about the ride in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.
You know how sometimes you go somewhere and run into people you know from home? Well it becomes down right ironic when it happens multiple times.
The first time this happened, we were at the check in counter at Philadelphia International Airport. I heard a voice call my teenage daughter Kelly’s name and say “Hi.” My first thought was: Who here would know my daughter?
It was her Math teacher, his wife (who is her guidance counselor) and their daughter. It turned out, they were headed to Walt Disney World too. And not only that, they were on our plane and sitting right behind us! Fast forward to the following summer. Just before school lets out, Kelly sees her math teacher and guidance counselor and tells them we’re going to Disney again. Ironically, so are they! This time they weren’t on our plane however we were there during the same week and at the same resort.
So this year Kelly is graduating from high school. She doesn’t ask for a BMW for graduation (thankfully!), she asks for a trip to Disney one more time before starting college. So we make our plans to go and of course, she checks in with her teacher and guidance counselor to see if they’re going too…and guess what? They are!
While our weeks don’t quite align (we’re leaving Disney one day after their arrival), we have to laugh at the irony of it all.
And it’s not just that family we’ve run into that we know while vacationing in Disney. A couple years ago we were in Disney Quest when my husband saw someone he knew that worked at one of The Mercury’s sister papers.
While on our honeymoon, my husband and I were talking to the cast member at the gift shop at our resort and learned that she was good friends with someone my husband knew here in PA. Then there was the bus ride to the parks last year where we got to talking to people and found out that we both knew some of the same people from the Boyertown area.
Now I think we’ve gone beyond coincidences and can truly say: It’s A Small World after all!


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