Recession-proof Disney

Recently in the news it was announced that Disney isn’t suffering from a slow economy like many other businesses. And actually, they’re revenue increased 33% for the first quarter of 2008.
I have a couple of theories on this.
The weakness of the U.S. dollar has prompted international travelers to flock to Orlando in droves, getting more for their money than they previously had.
Also, Disney has done a great job of offering vacation packages for every budget. In the early 1990’s, more than half of Disney resorts were deluxe or premium priced. Now, 75% are moderate and value priced.
Value resorts in Disney are nothing like the “value priced” accommodations you find in other places where you may not get what you expected.
Disney’s apparently a better bet than Las Vegas right now. A recent news story on MSNBC, claimed Vegas is struggling with gambling revenues down 4% and convention bookings down 10%.
Disney doesn’t appear to be offering any more discounts than they do any other year, but they’re apparently doing something right.


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