Buying park tickets

Part of planning your Disney vacation is deciding what tickets to buy. You can include your tickets in your package if your booking through Disney or any other travel agent, but you still have to decide which ones are best suited for how you’ll roam the World once you get there. The more days you stay, the less expensive the park ticket. The Magic Your Way base ticket gets you into one park per day. If you’re going for 7 days, it breaks down to about $32.00 per day for an adult. And in Disney, adults are anyone 10 years old and older. I don’t think you can get into any of the local amusement parks for that price. If you think you may want to go to more than one park a day or at least have that option, you’ll want what’s called a park hopper added to the ticket. That brings your price to just over $40. per day for an adult and just over $34 for a child 3-9. If you want to add options such as waterparks and Disney Quest, the amount only goes up about $5 per ticket. You also need to know that you’ll be asked if you want the No Expiration option. If you’re staying 7 days and planning to use the tickets every day, you don’t need a no expiration option which costs more. The one benefit to adding tickets to your package if you’re staying in a Disney Resort is that your park ticket is your room key and can also have charging priveledges added if you choose. Last year in the Animal Kingdom, my youngest daughter’s ticket got lost when we forgot to take it out of the fast-pass machine. Since we were Disney resort guests, we just went to guest services in the park and they gave her another temporary ticket. When we got back to our resort, they issued another pass like the original with her name on it.
There are a couple Web sites where you can buy discounted tickets but after checking them out I didn’t see much savings. For me, it’s more about convenience. I’m not sure we would have been able to replace that park pass that was lost had we bought them online or stayed offsite and had regular paper tickets.


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