Bounceback offers

If you’re planning more than one trip to Walt Disney World this year you may be lucky enough to take advantage of what’s known as a bounceback offer. Fliers are left in Disney Resort rooms explaining the offer and the dates available. If you are planning more than one trip within a 12 month period of time it can save you money. A friend recently visited Disney and said a flier was in her room for 30% off a deluxe resort if she booked before she went home. Sometimes the bounceback offers free dining and sometimes it’s a room discount. Either way, it’s a significant savings. There are blackout dates for the offer but it’s worth checking out. The flier will have a phone number that you can call from the resort. If you don’t see a flier in your room, check with the hotel concierge and ask about a bounceback offer. To book the offer you need to make a $200 deposit on the trip. Then Disney, like many other travel agencies, allows you up to 45 days before your arrival to finish paying for the trip.


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