Animal Kingdom celebrates 10 years!

In celebration of Animal Kingdoms 1oth birthday, I’m going to post some of my Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge photos.
I had the opportunity to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge in December in a Savannah View room. I wasn’t sure I’d like this deluxe resort as much as the others because it was the furthest from the parks with the exception of Animal Kingdom park. But I wanted to try this resort and I’m glad I did. It quickly became one of my favorites after spending my early mornings watching the animals from my balcony while having coffee. They all just seem so peaceful. And even in the parks, the animals appear to adapt well to their man-made environment. You won’t find a lot of thrill rides in Animal Kingdom but you will find an enormous amount of information about animals, their environment and ours.
Disney has always been very careful in Animal Kingdom to ensure the safety of the animals and also the guests. Because of the large amount of bird species in the park, Disney doesn’t serve beverages with plastic straws. It is too dangerous for the birds who, I might add, are often lurking around the fast-food areas hoping for a handout.
The animals in the safari are separated with barriers that are hidden and unseen by guests because some animals are the prey of others in the wild.
You’ll definitely leave this park knowing more about animals than you did when you walked in.

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