The Year of a Million Dreams

Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams launched in late 2006 and continued through 2007. The promotion promised that during that year more than one million dream prizes would be given away at Disney parks. These were dream prizes that money could not buy such as a night stay in Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Each day throughout the year a time, ride seat and park was randomly selected (through a non-Disney agency). At the specified time, the Disney Dream Team would wait for whoever was on the ride. The unsuspecting winner was approached by the Dream Team and told they were the winner of the dream stay in the Castle suite for one magical night. The guest and their family were then wisked away to their hotel to gather an overnight bag, then off to receive the royal treatment including being the guest of honor at the Magic Kingdom parade.
This happened every day in Walt Disney World in 2007.
Other dream giveaways included a variety of Disney dream vacation package giveaways, Disney merchandise, shopping sprees in Disney gift shops, Dream Fastpasses and Year of a Million Dreams Mouse Ears.
As a loyal Disney fan, I was excited about this celebration. I was spending 15 days in Disney in 2007! I was certain that spending that much time there we’d have to win something!
And we did. No, it wasn’t the dream stay in Cinderella’s Castle suite like I had hoped. Instead, we were in line to ride The Great Movie Ride in Disney MGM Studios when the Dream Team began handing out Year of a Million Dreams Mouse Ears.
Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams was such a success in 2007, they extended it throughout 2008.
So once again I’m keeping my fingers crossed that during my stay this year, I might just get a little luckier.

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