Disney Photopass

You take your camera to Disney but what do you do when you want a picture of everyone in your group together? Ask a stranger or leave someone out of the photo to take it?
In typical ‘we-think-of-everything’ fashion, Disney has come up with a solution: Photopass.
When you enter each park you’ll find Disney Photopass photographers taking pictures of people using whatever signature backdrop the park has as a background. Sometimes these photographers will ask you if you want your picture taken and other times they don’t because they’re so busy taking pictures of other families. If you wait your turn and get your photo taken, ask the photographer for a photopass. He’ll give you a card with a bar code and number on the back. Keep that card and give it to any photopass photographer you get your picture taken with in any of the parks. They will scan it after your photo and all your pictures will be saved. It’s advised that once you get your photopass card, you take a picture of or write the numbers down that are on the back of the card and keep them somewhere so in the event you lose the card, you don’t lose the opportunity to view the photos. There’s no limit to how many pictures you can have taken with Photopass. In my last trip in December, we had 54 Photopass pictures taken. The best part is there’s no charge for taking the pictures! When you go home, you can go to the Disney Photopass Website and view the photos you had taken! And that’s free too! You may be pleasantly surprised when you see your pictures. We found Tinkerbell was in our hands and stitch was popping out of the street in front of us at Disney MGM Studios. (that explained why the photographer had us cup our hands and look at them and point to the ground with a surprised look). You only pay for the photos you purchase through Photopass. But you can also pay one price and get them all on a CD. In addition, you have the option to add frames and other art to your photos before ordering them. The prices are reasonable starting at $12.95 for a glossy 5×7 photo. The site allows you to create an online photo album. You can also upload your own digital photos to add to the albums.
Photopass is a great way to get a variety of group photos and include everyone in your party.
The Photopass Photographers aren’t just located in the front of the parks. In Epcot, we found them throughout the World Showcase.


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