Healthy Eating in Disney

I was recently among a group of people discussing healthy eating when a woman behind me announced she was going to Walt Disney World the next day. She said she probably couldn’t eat healthy while there.
She obviously hasn’t been there in a while.
Several years ago, Disney began offering options such as apple slices instead of french fries with its combo meals. And most places to eat in Disney have salads as an option on their menu. Each Disney Resort has a food court and that’s where you’ll find the most variety. Fresh fruit, yogurt and bagels can easily be found there. Many times meals can be shared because of their size. In December, I had one of the best salads ever at Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney. It was BBQ chicken in a bed of romaine lettuce with cucumbers and red onions with ranch dressing on the side. Everything was freshly made.
For those watching carbs, whole turkey legs can be purchased in the parks. Most of the counter service restaurants in Disney offer a vegetarian option. Peco Bills in Frontierland is well-known for its burgers but the fixings bar itself could double as a salad bar!
So don’t despair if you’re going to Disney and trying to eat healthy. It shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. That is until you smell the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies as you pass the Main Street Bake Shop in the Magic Kingdom.


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