Stick to the Code!

Staying on Disney property has its benefits. In addition to free transportation to and from the airport and to and from the parks, you can get discounts on your room rate! Disney has categorized its seasons throughout the year and labeled them. Value season in 2008 is Jan. 1-Feb 13; July 20-Oct. 1 (deluxe resorts value season); Aug. 3-Nov. 20; Nov. 30-Dec. 18. This is the time when you can get the best rates on rooms at Disney resorts. If you want to get additional discounts the easiest one to get is AAA. If you are a AAA member, you’ll get an additional 10-15 percent off. But don’t delay, each resort allows only a certain amount of rooms to AAA discount. When those rooms are booked, you’re out of luck with that discount. And be prepared to give Disney your AAA member number when you call to make a reservation because they will ask for it.
Another way to get a discount is with a code. These random discounts that Disney dishes out can save you anywhere from 20 to 40 percent on your room rate! If you’re registered at the Disney website and receive occassional e-mail offers from them, you can receive a code that way. They also come via a postcard in the mail.
If you’ve stayed on Disney property previously, you’re in their reservation system and you can just call and ask if a code is attached to your name when calling to inquire about a room rate. Even if you’ve booked your room, it doesn’t hurt to call and find out if there’s a code. If you have a code attached to your name and you already have a reservation, Disney will allow you to apply the code to get the additional discount as long as your travel dates are within the dates during which the code is good for.


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